Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Low Carb Pasta Carbonara- It's what's for dinner.

I made this the other night for my family for dinner. I have been low carb dieting for awhile and every once in awhile I give myself a cheat meal and pasta is usually what I crave. I substituted Dreamfields spagetti that says it's only 5 carbs per serving so I'm sure that helped considerably and about 2 carbs in half & half and about 3 carbs in cheese which i'm sure you could cut down if you checked cheeses to get the lowest carb brand. 10 carbs isn't bad to me for a splurge and I wouldn't do it in the beginning of your diet. I have had this recipe both ways and I didn't notice a difference with the pasta. I don't know if i would go back to regular spaghetti again. The original recipe came from martha stewart. I did add some garlic salt and I used a whole pound of bacon cause that one of the few perks you get with a low carb diet so I went for the gusto. Adjust it to your family's taste buds but I guarantee that even the pickiest eater will love it.  Enjoy!

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