Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movie's to Snuggle up to... Feel Good Movies

Now that the weather has cooled  down and were all drinking hot chocolate by the fire, I thought I would do  a little series for the next couple of weeks about some of my favorite movies that I can watch time and again, because I'm one of those people that gets attached to a movie and watch them more than once or twice or let's be honest, it's more than that.  Some you might not know and some you might just have forgotten about. Either way I hope you enjoy.

Johnny Depp, oh my. His sexiest roll of all time.

 love this one.... All about a love that can never be. Too sweet.

A beautiful family movie. Plus Steve Carell  is my nerd crush and who knew Dane Cook could play a serious roll. One of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite feel good movies?




  1. Chocolat is definitely one of my favorite feel good movie!

    Olive xox

  2. You know how much I adore Chocolat, and Chocolate,and Johnny Depp covered in Chocolate..ahem..:-0

  3. I remember watching Chocolat in French class in high school and thought it was super boring, but maybe that's because it was all in French and my teacher wouldn't let us watch with subtitles so I had to kinda just figure it out. Ha! I think I need to watch it again...

    I haven't seen the other two. Sounds like it's time for this girl to have a movie night!