Monday, February 4, 2013

Today is...

After a wonderful weekend, I am closing it out with a day at home completely to myself with nothing I have to do. Although I might sneak some laundry in there. I've leisurely spent the morning in bed working on a blanket that I will share with you later this week and working on posts. Being a home school mom, I'm never at home by myself so this is a true luxury. My girls are on their way back from a fun weekend in Alabama with their grandparents visiting family, and I really miss them. Today will be full of crafting and watching movies. I can't wait to hug and smooch on my kiddos and get all the info on their trip. I can't wait to show you my photos from this weekend. We truly had a blast. XOXO Rachel


  1. It is so important to take time for ourself! Appreciate it!

    Olive xox

  2. So happy to hear you're feeling good right now!
    And thanks so much for commenting!

    Have a great week,