Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our tour of Graceland

a picture of the dream boat himself

my real life dream boat who got wrangled into this tour- listening to the audio tour

Elvis dining room

His swanky downstairs man cave

with a creepy monkey

The fabric went from the ceiling down to the walls to the sofa. The 70's were something

The expansive fenced in estate

When tv's used to be pieces of furniture

he was such a ladies man

I love a man in uniform

Just one of his many movie posters they had displayed

And where they laid him to rest.

Over all, it was pretty fun. I really expected the house itself to be larger. It really reminded me of being a small kid in the 70's. All that shag carpet brought back the memories. My husband was a real trooper because it took every fiber of his being to agree to go and it was all for our friend Molly. I enjoyed it for all it's vintage charm, myself but I wouldn't have to ever go back. Seen it, did it.  It was fun. I just wished I had gotten some Memphis ribs. Hope you had a great weekend.


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