Friday, January 20, 2012

St. Louis City Museum

We love this place, and especially this time of the year.  It's a great indoor place when the weather is cold outside and for the brave ones that venture outside, they have a fire pit where they provide stick and marsh mellows. We took advantage of that and it was so romantic. They have an architectural area where they have antiques hardware and stone from old building.  And tons of hands on activities, including an art area.  I have yet to see their circus show but the couple glimpses I have seen are amazing. If you visit St. Louis- it is a must for family's of all ages.  Bring your knee pads,flashlights and comfy shoes and of course you have to hit the 10 story slide. It's a blast.

One room of vintage carnival props

Who doesn't love the Big Boy

I love all of this vintage hardware, in the architectural room.

rescued stained glass

a whole huge room of every insect known to mankind and all labeled.

This is where the flashlights and knee pads would be handy.  Tons of caves to explore and underground tunnels to crawl in.

Just one of the fun slides there. And a neat lighting glitch to boot.

My man and I getting a brief moment for a couples pic

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