Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What a busy week. Packing for Vegas in the Winter

You know it has been a busy week when it is Thursday and I'm just now getting to watch Downton Abby. I woke up early this morning and had to finish packing for our trip to Vegas tomorrow.  We are heading out bright and early at 6am.  I had to pack some things to do on the plane because I just can't sit still for that long.  Here is what I'm packing.

I have stuff to do bracelets and headband & embroidery. All neatly packaged in a clear bag to get thru security.

What I'm packing clothes wise was a rough one. It's supposed to be 60's during the day and 40's at night. So i have to pack a little bit of everything. Somehow I managed to fit it all in this back pack and it only weighs 12 pounds. Our family doesn't believe in checking bags so I have figured out how to power back my carry on.  Here is what I packed:

In this one bag I have:

2- Blazers
4- Shirts
2- pairs of Jeans
Workout pants & tank
2- dresses
Socks, undergarments & tights
2- pairs of shoes (flats & heels)
2- cardigan sweaters
curling iron
jewelry & belts

The trick is the roll. Roll them babies up. I also pack, downy wrinkle release spray. Just spray the garment and smooth out and wrinkles come out like magic.  In my tote bag (my personal item). I have my craft stuff, book, toiletry bag, make up bag, camera, phone & camera cords. And my new shoes. Those are Vegas shoes baby. I hope these tips will help you pack for Vegas in the winter too.

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  1. Smart post! Oh, and I love that your little tin just say's "Squirrel". Remind's me of "Up". I giggle..