Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snap Shot Sunday- Groovy Iron on Decal

For a mere 10 cents I scored this 70's iron on decal set at the thrift store, but to my dismay, when i got it home, I realized that the one I wanted the most was not here. Oh where are you foxy? I wonder what righteous get up that foxy lady added that sweet decal to. Even tho I can't make my own foxy tee from this, I am determined to make one of my own somehow. It would be a great shirt to wear at the roller rink, when i take the kids to go skate with their friends. Let the public humiliation begin. My daughter thought the DUDE one was funny so I think I will make her that one. We will have to reproduce this photo with our new retro tee's. Man I love the thrift store.

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