Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I feel like Julie from Julie & Julia- Is anyone out there seeing this?

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I was watching this movie the other day and Oh how I love Julia Child. She was just fabulous, and what a pioneer she was.  The food network and all it shows can thank their lucky stars that she was brave enough to start cooking television. This movie just puts me at ease and is a great one for crafting and watching.  One part I can appreciate as a blogger myself is when Julie first started up her blog and wondered if anyone  out there was reading at all? I know I myself struggle with that question but as a crafter and avid thifter, there is great joy that I get from sharing my good deals and fun finds. I hope whoever is reading out there enjoys it too. Just a little rambling. I love making new crafty friends so if you'd like to follow this site, please sign up over here ---------------------------------->  And if you haven't watched this movie, then pick it up from the movie store and get out your embroidery, cause your going to love it.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.                                           

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