Friday, March 23, 2012

Thinking of road trips in the old van

This post from Honestly WTF, totally got me thinking of vans. It actually brought up nostalgic thoughts of growing up with a van.  Taking road trips to Florida in one.  Our was a 1973 blue van with one of those painted murals on the side. We thought it was sweet because it had a little cabinet in the back with a sink on top, that we never used and the bench seat in the back folded down so you could lay down to do your homework all they way down there. I know very unsafe but that's how it was in the early 80's. I'm dating myself. Really I'm not that horribly old. I looked all over the internet and couldn't find a picture of one like it even tho I think I've painted a pretty picture just in the description.  The most fitting one was this...

Courtesy of Google pics.

I died laughing when I saw this. I have more nerdy taste in van's, more like this...

I will have one some day. What kind of vehicles did you have growing up?  Or maybe fun memories of family road trips?  Do share.  I know my sister is going to chime in on this one.




  1. I loved that post at WTF, too. I adore your blog name:) xo.

  2. Thanks, it took awhile to pick the name out. It's a keeper.

  3. Lmao! Yep, here I am chimin in alrighty! And yeah we had the DEE-LUX blue, with a woodgrain brown stripe "supa-freak" van, loaded with swivel captain's chair's, card table, mini fridge,couch, that turned into bed, aaaand, an 8 track that cranked out Donna Summer's! The only pic I could find, I posted for all to envy at, Good Times!

  4. wow it look so beautiful thanks for sharing with us.Second Hand Vans