Friday, April 6, 2012

Thinking about my favorite childhood tshirt.

This post from Lune Vintage where she talks about how her mother saved t-shirts from when she was a little kids. This got me thinking of my own favorite childhood t-shirt. It was an Andy Gibb tee. I wore that thing until it literally fell off my body. You couldn't make out his face on the shirts at the end, yet I still wore it proudly cause I knew what it was . My mother cringed every time I put it on. Sorry Mom.  But nobody was going to come between me and my man.

The Bee Gees Photo
He was so dreamy. Check out that chest hair. Ha!

Now that I think about it, I might need to replace it with a new one like this sweet one---

Who was your child hood crushes? 
 And did you have any t-shirts that you were attached to?  
 Don't worry no matter who you admit having childhood crushes on, 
You won't be judged here.
 We can't control who we love. I loved any Andy Gibb.
 And to be honest, I'm not setting the bar too high here, so anyone
 else's is probably better than mine.

Have a Great Weekend.



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