Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yummy Chicken and Waffles

This was suprisingly good. I've only had this once at Hash House a GoGo in Vegas and it was divine there. The best breakfast I've ever had. This just kinda tided me over till we can go back. I used pink chocolate chip waffle mix from Aldi's and my husband fried up chicken breast in a egg and seasoned flour mixture. Put them together, add some syrup and you have a hearty breakfast. You could of course use any brand of waffle mix. My favorite is Krusteze brand. We just used this one because it what we had available. The combination of salty and sweet is great. I might even fry up some bacon next time and put some in the waffle batter when I make them next time. Cause everything is better with bacon. Come up with your own combo and enjoy.



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