Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to survive Van's Warp Tour in 105* heat

Recently I took my daughter to her first concert. She has very refined taste in music, she more of an Urge and Rise against kinda kid. So of course her father and I came to supervise. We enjoy some of that music ourselves. the problems was the scorching heat and thousands of people. I'm going to give you some tips on how we survived and even enjoyed ourselves.

My daughter hates getting her picture taken so all i could get was the back of her head.

1- Freeze your bottled water, we were able to bring in 1 bottle per person as long as it's not opened. And then you could refill them at filling stations. We also brought in our Camel Water pack with a freezer pack in the back of it to store extra water. It was a god sent for sure.

2- Pack your sunscreen. Not only did I have my kid sprayed down, I wound up spraying other kids while i was there that were getting sunburned.

3- For the restroom- bring a mini pack of kleenex and hand sanitzer.

4- I picked up 2 of those spray bottles with fans attached to them. They were worth their weight in gold and kept me from literally passing out from heat exhaustion.

5- We were able to bring in a quart size bag for snacks so I packed granola bars and almonds. They came in handy when you didn't want to fight the long lines for food.

6- I also packed ibuprofen for headaches, band aids and a mini deodorant along with hair ties and a small brush.

7- But the best thing of all was the extra bottles of water that were frozen in my mini cooler and the damp wash clothes in a ziploc bag that were unbelievably refreshing after a long hot day. The waters were great to have too because sometimes it can take awhile to get out of the parking lot after a concert.

If we decide to go again, I want to sport a pair of Van tennie's like everyone else. Here are a few of my favorites and a recent post from A Beautiful Mess on how to customize your own pair of Van's.

I would love these for winter

And these for summer.

What type of VAN's would you pick out. I want both.


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