Monday, August 6, 2012

My Weekend

We are trying to spend as much time as we can at our lake house before it's fall again. This weekend, my youngest daughter brought a friend and we took them tubing and they pretty much swam the whole time. We didn't, do to much cooking like we usually do for some reason, all tho my girlfriend molly didn't disappoint when it came to bringing her espresso machine and making us capaccino's in the morning and making her skinny dip for the boat which is awesome and I will have to share it with you soon. It's great with wheat thins. We ate at our favorite burger place on Saturday night and tried a new place- Pier 31 and got all you can eat crab legs. Oh mamma. I was elbow deep in melted butter. I also got to fit in a little shopping and snagged some cute sandals and necklaces. Hope you all have a great time also. Now I'm off to plan a productive week.


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