Monday, October 8, 2012

My Black Apple Art

I' m so in love with the art prints I received from Emily Martin (aka the black apple). I have to say that her customer service is exceptional. And she threw in a  thank you card and one of her new post cards too. I can't wait to get them framed and on my wall. Thanks Emily, for everything.
 If your interested in seeing more of her work, click her link above.




  1. I love love love her work and I've been lusting after it for awhile. I just can't decide which print(s) I want!! I adore your choices.

    And yes, sometimes I feel like I look like crap and I don't let myself get in any photos -- or I decide I don't care and do it anyway. :) But I definitely don't feel good about myself 100% of the time!


  2. Yay! I love it all! You know she is one of my all time fave's!