Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How I Hit My Favorite Thrift Store

My sister and I love thrifting together,can you tell?

Look at these cute S&P Shakers

This vintage coat masked me feel so fancy.

Today was my favorite day of each month. The last Wednesday of the month is the best day at Value Village cause it half price day! Yeah I said it, Half Price Day.  It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling right? Today I will be sharing some of my recent finds and tips on how I hit the ground running to get the best deals.

These large velvety pillows, I found 2.

OK, this might look a little matronly but it is super cute on.  Warm and cozy.

Some things I always run to find include vintage handbags and jewelry, old linens and glassware and now that I have my old SUV running, I will start looking for larger items.  Some things I bring with me are:

My canvas totes for breakables. I learned this the hard way. Always separate your glassware. Don't let them roll them in clothing items. Someone always inevitably dumps them out on the floor resulting in heartache.

 Keep a running list of everyone's clothing sizes before leaving so you don't waste your money or time buying the wrong size. And a check list of items your searching for. I do his on the notes on my phone.

I keep a pair of those thin socks your wear under dress shoes for trying on shoes.I've found the coolest shoes at thrift store's. But for sanitary purposes  I don't really wear them till they are spruced up.

Post it notes and a sharpee- why you ask? Because for sales like this, you need to stake your claim until you can get an attendant to help you with big items. Cause you know if you take your hands off it, its fair game. Mark it as sold and keep other would be thieves away.

For trying on clothes, I dress in layers. Usually legging, a long tank top and sweater. It makes for easy trying on when you don't have to take everything off. And sometimes you don't feel like waiting for a dressing room to just try a shirt on and you can just slip it over your tank. Tacky, maybe a bit, but worth the time saving. And remember, slip on shoes are best. No time to mess with laces.

I hope these tips help you at the thrift store when there's a special sale day and its every man for himself. Do you go to any thrift stores that do this too? I'd love to hear your stories.



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