Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beverage Station

I so love my new beverage station. I am fortunate to have a walk in pantry with as counter top for my large appliances and I've been wanting to organize my coffee and tea supplies and here how I did it.

1- first I picked up a shelf with pegs and paint supplies( I used acrylic paint and a spray sealer. After I painted it, I let the sealer dry overnight.

2- then I got my handy husband to screw it securely to the wall. Only after I tried using some wall hangers on the back and it fell off the wall. So its worth the time in securing it to the wall properly so your treasured items don't get broken.

3- and finally fill it up! I used a vintage squirrel planter for my tea supplies, clear canisters for my tea bags, sugar and coffee. And all my favorite mugs to hold whatever beverage I choose to make that day.  Try making one of your own, I promise you will wonder how you lived without it and its a cute addition to any kitchen.




  1. Cute little station. Can't wait to see more tutorials.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Thanks Amanda,
    I do love working on projects and I've been trying to be more organized with my blog schedule so I can better plan all my posts and stay on track. I have more fun projects to share soon. Thanks to commenting and following!

  3. I love it! Such a shnazzy idea!(Feel free to use the word shnazzy,lol!)

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    1. That blog hop was such a good idea. I love your blog, thanks for following

  5. This is so cute! What a great idea!!