Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy DIY Knot Quiting

Choose your materials- I found this vintage fabric at the thrift store. I initially planned on using it to make a skirt out of but then I saw that it was sewn into duvet cover all ready, I had to make a blanket out of it. I chose cotton thread which is a little heavier than regular thread and I chose the white so it wouldn't distract from the print.

place your batting over the top and trim to size.

After you place your batting inside and smooth out and pin in place. Start knotting it off. I started 2 inches up from the bottom and a knotted every 5 inches across. But you will have to divide up your width to decide how many inches you will go depending on your size. Then to make it easy, i put the my hand down at the stitch on the first row and put my stitches for the next row at the top of my middle finger to make the spacing easy.
I placed a double knot and trimmed to my desired length
I no sooner got it done and my dog tried to claim it as her own. I informed her she would have to share. This is an easy quick technique to finish off a basic quilt. It would be great as a gift for any loved one and it lasts forever. My mother in law used this for baby blankets that where my husbands and that now I own and they are still in perfect shape. Try this out and let me know what you think.



  1. Pretty nail polish! The blanket turned out great. I don't think I'd have the patience to put one together myself haha.

  2. Thanks. I guess you will have to drop some hints to the crafty ones in your life and maybe get one as a gift. Everyone has one crafty family member. Start sweet talkin. ; )

  3. Oh, I adore this fabric! I totally wish I knew how to do cool things like quilting or sewing. An admirable skill!