Monday, April 29, 2013


I know I have been scarce these parts lately. It's official. I have spring fever. I have been working on some of my spring goals. One of which is getting my garden started and doing some landscaping. I can't wait to see my little seedlings come up and I have been doing some landscaping at the lake house too.

This pasta was so good. My sister made it for a bridal shower on Friday and so graciously sent it home with me for the family. It's spinach artichoke penne with garlic cheese bread. Yum! I have been trying some new recipes from my little paris kitchen cookbook. I made her lavender honey chicken. It was delicious and everyone loved it so it will go in the dinner line up to make again.  

Add some cheesy mash potatoes and your set.  I have still been working  on my weight loss before summer. I initially lost 10 pound and have manged to keep 8 of them off. I guess we all hit a plateau at some point. I'm working on continuing to incorporate more healthy meals into our diet and do more exercise. So far, walking for me has been the most consistent and enjoyable thing to do for exercise. Even on my workday, I bring my tennies and head to the park and walk there on my lunch break. It has been such a pick me up for me during the day. I just get to where I have to get out of the office and get some fresh air.  The weather hasn't exactly cooperated lately, spring rain, but I grab every chance i can get to do it. 

I also went to the health food store to find some healthy alternatives to help with my hunger and amping my metabolism. I have heard good things about green coffee and I got a fiber supplement. I am attempting to eat lighter in the evening but constantly battle the urge to snack. I will let you know what i think after testing it a couple weeks.

What have you all been up to lately? And have you  found any weight loss tips that you have tried and worked for you? Do share.



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  1. Beautiful flowers and the food looks great. makes me hungry.