Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbye Red will be missed

This week Elsie and Emma announced that they will be closing  their shop Red Velvet . So sad. Even tho we have only been once, on a girls road trip, it was so much fun. Their shop was truly magical. After reading the news I had to get ahold of my sister right away to make plans for a road trip. Springfield is only 3 hours away from us so we could totally do a day trip, maybe even spend the night and hit up a couple of elsie's local favorite eatery's while were there
Emma was sweet enough to take a quick snap shot with us and send us on our way will schnazzy containers of peanut butter from Elsie's wedding. As you can see she still had her blue hair from the wedding. They will be announcing the dates of their sale and hopefully we will be able to meet Elsie too. You can check out my post of our last trip to Springfield from my previous blog. Hopefully we will find some nice vintage finds to take home.  I will keep you posted on any updates just in case you want to do a road trip down there yourself.

                                                                   Have a great weekend.


  1. That sucks when a place closes like that but with how the economy is now a days it's understandable. That blue hair is rocking. :D awesome.

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    I would have loved to visit that shop...!

    Have a great weekend,

  3. So sad they are closing! So awesome that you got a picture with her!

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  5. Oh no! So sad. I've always loved their shop but I live nowhere near it so never got to visit. I did online-stalk a little though. Glad you got to go one last time! That must have been awesome to meet Emma :)
    Visiting from The Collective!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    I will make sure to share more pictures as the flat decoration is coming along!

    Have a wonderful week,