Friday, May 17, 2013

Sister Time...Laumier Art Fair

The tents all a glow.
I'm sorry but that is just too funny.
My sister and I
fluffy stuffed pigs
Cool cuff links made from a mini billiards ball. 

Another year at the art fair and a learning experience taking our kids with us. Let's just say "we are ditching them with their dad's next year". Kids just don't have the patience that is needed to really look and appreciate art. We made the best of it tho, having yummy gyro's and snow cones even tho it was chilly. I love art shows, can't wait till next year. This weekend, the girls and I are alone. Dad is on a guy camping trip and I am going to the movies with my mom, sister & grandma\ tonight and maybe I can get the kids to go on a  nature hike with me. 
Have a great weekend.




  1. Hello,
    Following you now from the TGIF blog hop! :)

    Looks like you had a blast, and I agree that the "Have you felt my balls" sign is hilarious. The giant eyeball is amazingly cool but also kind of creepy!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    California DIY Diva: Weddings, Decor & More

  2. this looks so fun! I love going to art shows too - I can't wait to go to some this summer!
    -- please vote! shoe styling contest

  3. oh, no....don't ditch the kids. how else (and who else) will teach them about art and to appreciate it? they may be frustrating, but they will remember these days. I remember my mom "dragging" me to art shows, and today I am truly thankful she did...