Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chevron Crochet Blanket

  Weather like this gets me in the crochet spirit.  And since my girls have outgrown all of the blankets that I've made them in the past, I wanted to make ones that would last them for many more years to come.  I am Chevron obsessed lately and this was a very easy pattern to make. I love simple patterns. I cast on 103 and counted over 3 stitches and started double crochets all the way across, ch3, then dc 4, then crochet the next 3 stitches together, 4 dc, and then 3 dc in the next stitch, repeat all the way across, ch3 and repeat 3 more rows before changingcolors. I did 66 rows but   you can make it as long as you want to.  Make one of your own, easy and fun.

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