Thursday, February 23, 2012

Combine Your Vintage Jewelry To Make A Unique Sweater Cli[

I have had this vintage sweater clip for awhile and I had this charm that was my grandmothers that I planned on making into a necklace but instead I decided to add it to this piece with a jump ring to make a unique item. I just love it and it really does keep your sweater in place. I have a couple of larger boyfriend sweater that tend to slip off my shoulder but I love wearing because they are long and I can wear them with my comfy leggings. I would like to make more of these for my etsy shop. Do you have any sentimental jewelry pieces that you can piece together to make something great? Check your jewelry boxes.


  1. Hello there! What a lovely idea! I'm currently in the process of moving flats and finding all sorts of hidden treasures, including jewellery. As soon as I'm all settled, you've inspired me to look at my jewellery in a new light, to see how I can upcycle it and create something new. Thanks and have a lovely weekend! :-)

  2. Well aren't you the sweetest. It is so unbeleivably encouraging to hear that someone has been inspired by something you have made. Please let me know what you come up with using your new found treasures and I hope everything goes well with your move.