Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Every girl in this family wants to be a roller derby girl

I have always wanted to see a Roller Derby game, and we really lucked out when we saw the advertisement for it in the lobby of our hotel. It was all I wished for and more. These women range from young gals to moms who can kick some serious butt. I loved every minute of it and want to take my girls to a game in the city. I need some new skates preferably with some pom poms on them. I love this picture from pinterest, so retro.


  1. Ok so I totally found your blog by random (I saw you commented on Skunkboy Creatures) and laughed when I saw that our website names are almost identical! I am over at The Vintage Honeybee:)

    PS-I secretly want to be a roller derby girl too:)


  2. It's so sweet of you to comment. You have a great site also. It's hysterical how many of the same things we like and the same bloggers we follow. I will be your follower too. Us vintage honeybee girls gotta stick together.