Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bacon wrapped Cheezy Jalapeno's

I made these for a bonfire that we went to this weekend.  I have had these at other parties but I think mine turned out the best. I think the fact that they cooked in the oven for a good long while, helped tremendously. They were still spicy but not overly hot and the cream cheese had a nice cooling effect. Paired with crispy bacon.  They were a nice complement to the chili they were serving and they went like hot cakes. Here are my tips...

I grew these peppers from my garden so I can't tell you how many I had. I cut them in half and deseeded them ahead of time, which made it light work when i had to stuff and wrap them. If you have sensitive skin then I would wear gloves when doing this because the oils do linger on your skin.

I used the back end of the spoon to push the cream cheese into the peppers.

I also used kitchen sheers to cut my bacon strips into 4th's and wrapped each one with the ends facing the pan.  I cooked them at 350 until the cheese is gooey and the bacon is nice and crispy.


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