Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Neck Roll Pillow

I actually just winged this project. But It was so easy. Here's  the how to....

1/2 yard of your fabric of choice I used ultra soft velour
 Matching thread
Poly fill

1)  Fold fabric in half lengthwise and cut to your desired length. I made mine larger because I of sick of rolling off of it in the middle of  the night.

2) Pin the edge and sew from end to end.

3) Cut 2 squares of the same fabric larger than the circle opening of each end.

4) With your tube still turned inside out, flip your fabric square over, so the wrong side is face up, and pin all around the edge. Cut around the outside of your circle and repeat on the other side. Then sew along edge. Repeat on other side leaving a 3 inch opening to turn right side out.

5) Fill with poly fill and hand sew opening closed.

Enjoy your sweet dreams with a well supported neck.

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