Friday, October 19, 2012

Creature Feature Movie Night

My sister and I like to get together for movie night and this one was deemed a creature feature. The movie line up was Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds- they lost interest in that one half way thru, King Kong always a crowd pleaser and although unconventional- the first Diary of a Wimp Kid movie. I know your saying to yourself "That's not a scary move". But that's where your wrong, you have forgotten about the foot! DA DA Dahhhh. My daughter always conveniently walks out of the room on that part and won't admit she's scared of it. So my sister decided to torture her and find a fake foot to scare her with. We all got a good laugh at her expense. If your wondering why the toe is in our nose then you haven seen it and you need to rent it pronto, so you can giggle too. As you can see Creature Feature was a big hit.


  1. LMAO, I need to see that part of the movie (about the foot)! Looks hilarious!!

  2. LOL,lol,and LLOOLL some more! It's even funnier seeing this post!! Tune in folk's ,next Creature Feature: The Blob! Old school, not the gory.Remember, we have kiddo's afraid of a plastic! Oh incidentally, they lost interest in The Bird's while yelling" Turn it off!" because we forgot about the guy who got his eyeball's plucked..Eeewww