Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Day At the Apple Butter Festival

I told you I wanted to hit one more festival and this is it.  The Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival.  Its was a blast, I met my sister and nephew and I had the girls too. An afternoon of crafts, funnel cakes and kettle corn. Yum.

The little kids picked out crazy hats.

My oldest daughter picked out crazy rocker leggings and a shiney elmer fudd style hat. Don't ask me why. She's 12, with her own sense of style.  I got this cool engraved ring from the Indian stand.
I'm always drawn to those booths. I have to support my fellow Indians.  We ended the day at my house. Potato soup and meatloaf by the fire. While the kids rolled their eyes at us watching Upstairs/ Downstairs and Project runway all stars. I love them both.  Hope you had a great weekend yourself.



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