Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

Today was a Snow Day for us here in St. Louis. I was so happy to have an unexpected day off of work. I had so many projects i wanted to try. Maybe even bake some bread. Then i started to feel worse and worse. I've had a sick kiddo this week and thats why I've been scarce here this week and now i have to say that my snow day has turned into a sick day. I'm hispanic and even in the winter, i have decent color but when i'm sick, my face is white white. It's freaky. Major bummer for me.  I did manage to start a fire but that was about it. Thank goodness for family. My husband came home around noon and made enchiladas and my oldest daughter made cheese cake cupcakes. So sweet. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better and that i can do some of the stuff i had planned. Hope your all well and i will talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Feel better Rachel! Looks like your puppy is ready to snuggle in with you :)