Friday, March 15, 2013

This weekend is for Spring Cleaning

I woke up this morning to the sound of busy little birds outside. It sounds so lovely. Were all preparing our little nests for spring. Which for me means spring cleaning.  Were off to the little lake house this weekend to prepare it for summer guests and so some major remodeling (painting and installing hardwood floors). My husband is a master carpenter so that makes me a very lucky girl. Actually, I will be concentrating on spring cleaning and organizing both houses and making natural cleaning products to clean my home, I will test them out and share my finds with you soon. The worst thing right now is my closet it's horrible, I shouldn't be showing this but I plan on showing you how i organize my closet when I'm finished so there has to be a before picture, brace yourself.......

So embarrassing but necessary for motivation. I look thru some of this and ask myself why I bought it, it's so not me. I think when you chubbier than usual that you buy thing that are more for comfort than style and over all not attractive. I'm on my way to losing this extra weight so I can feel good about myself this summer. And I'm going to get rid of my fat clothes and never turn to the dark side again. This will mean bags of donations for good will and only keeping my favorite pieces. As a reward for reaching my goal weight that I have set for myself, my sweet husband is taking me on a shopping trip to buy new skinny clothes. I can't wait. Do you look at some of your wardrobe and think that too? Tell me I'm not alone.  Have a productive and great weekend everyone.



  1. I always go through why on earth did I buy this a lot. I've been guilty for buying items and just never wearing them. Good luck on you're spring clean!