Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Trip to the St. Louis Art Museum

We certainly did enjoy ourselves at the art museum while my little sister was here to visit this month.

We too lots of blurry self pics

Explored the hall ways
and admired lots and lot s of beautiful artwork
This one cracks me up. Her expression is great.
This one is my daughter favorite. The story is sad but you can't deny how faithful dogs are to their owners.

This was a fun trip and an easy paced one for me to do recovering for surgery a couple of days before. I so miss my sister and my niece izzy. We only get to see them once our twice a year and she changes so much every time I see her. Do you like to visit art museums too? If so which ones?




  1. Lovely pics, makes me want to go check out some art galleries! I've been to several art exhibitions, but my all time fav would have to have been the Salvador Dali exhibition I went to when it came to Melbourne years ago. I love post modernistic, abstract art.

  2. The Georgia O'Keeffe exibit was pretty amazing in New Mexico.I really liked her atypical painting's and the way she set out to camp and paint..def worth seeing. Oh and I'm loving the photo bomb!lol!