Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outdoor picnics and old movies

We started our evening at Ulta. They were having their Frizz Free Friday event. We both got a wash and blow out. The reason we are making the face is because by the time their done yanking on your hair for an hours, your head more than hurts. Ouch. When you have long hair and someone finger combs your hair as they blow dry it, that just results in hair getting ripped out. My scalp was so sore. In the end. Our hair looked great and we were ready for an outdoor movie night
The St. Louis Art Museum at night. This photo reminds me of Night at the Museum.
Looking at the water fountains at night is so peaceful.
When the skies got dark, you could see the movie perfectly.
But until it got dark, the kids had full rolling down the hills and laughing hysterically. It's just not summer without a few grass stains.
Snow cones and pop corn were among the snacks we had.
and getting these kids to take a nice picture is just about impossible.
The movie they played was Roman Holiday. I was more than excited since I hadn't seen the movie before. The weather was perfect. It was even a little chilly, which was perfect for snuggling under a blanket and the kids had a lot of fun, playing with glow sticks and hanging out. I can't wait to go to more next year and I can mark this one off my summer must do check list.



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  1. We really had a wonderful evening! Next year Shakespeare festival is going to be on the agenda too!(I hope it's one I love) xox