Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indian Arrow Bracelet & Wood Burning Tips

I love wood burning. I has become my obsession. The smell ofit reminds me of campfires minus the toasted marshmallows. Here are some tips for making one for yourself. 

1. I use a heat glove when using my wood burner. I had one that came with my flat iron yhat works great for me.

2. I use a pencil to draw my designs. Mistakes can be easily erased if done lightly.

3. Go over you lines with a light hand at first and slowly build up the intensity of the darkness. Leaving the iron tip too long in one place will give you blurred lines.

4. And finally,  you can  finish it with a wood stain or leave it natural. I used old english with stain in it that worked great. I will probably finish it with a spray varnish to protect it.

Do some experimenting and tell me what you think.I'd love to see your project's when your done. 




  1. This is perfect! My husband and I were just talking about how much we love the smell of wood burning. Happy Halloween!

    Forever Young

  2. Beautiful!! I love this! Happy Halloween! Thank you for linking up. :)