Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shooting Cannons & Strawberry Shortcake

This years green tree festival was so fun. We missed out on the chicken & dumplins.
Which is why my sister has the anxed face.
They had different booths showing how people did things in civil war times. Here is a beautiful sewing pin with all the things a lady might need while sewing. I loved this.
.  Their cool tents. I so want one of these.
This nice gal gave me tips on rug making. I might make one some day.
Me trying on hats. Cause why not?
Homemade rootbeer floats and strawberry shortcake. The best.
We had a fun time like we always do and we will definitely get there early next year to get those famous chicken & dumplings.




  1. What a great fair! You look gorgeous in your hat and your sister having a tantrum is hilarious! x

  2. I love going to historical fairs. It looks like a great time.