Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give your plant friends some sparkle

Recently my husband took me to Wisconsin and on our way back, we made
a pit stop in Chicago and went to Ikea.
I'm sure I'm like most people who absolutely love the simple style of Ikea.
And since this was the first time he had been to one, I so wanted
him to love it as much I do.
Happily to my surprise, he was impressed.
As a contractor, this is hard to do but I think I have him convinced to
come here and make major purchases, if we build another house.

Not a major purchase was this plant stand. I have been wanting one for a while and this one
was perfect. I can water my plants and if some water seeps out then there's no harm done.
I decided to paint these pots to accent my new find. Lucky for me, we already had the spray paint and I was able to recycle some old ugly planters that I was tempted
to throw away. If your not wanting to paint the whole pot or do a pattern, 
you can easily get out your painters tape and let your imagination
go wild.

I have to say that this has turned me into a metallic lover and I will be
looking for other ways to use it in my home.
Have you been a spray painting fool too?
If so, tell me all about it.



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  1. What a cute planter, and the metallic pots look lovely!
    If I ever need a guest poster again, I will make sure to contact you - would you actually like to guest post on my blog?

    Have a fantastic day,