Thursday, January 16, 2014

Movies to Snuggle up to...Netflix Pics

call of the midwife

This heartwarming show follows the daily lives of midwifes and the circumstances that they bring babies into the world. The characters are lovable and I find it so interesting how they did things back then. Prepare yourself, there are some tear jerkers.
Bomb Girls - TV Series
bomb girls

I always seen pictures of Rosie the Riveter but never knew anything about who she was or the kind of work she did. Plenty of drama in this one and you will learn a little history to boot.


I recently watched this movie after seeing so many of my fellow instagramers posting on it. The styling is awesome and it is a great story. This was one that I waited till the kids went to bed and watched on my tablet with my head phones on because it's all subtitles which I'm usually turn off from but this one was worth it.

And last but not least, Penelope.

I love Christina Ricci. This movie is just magical. I'm so glad they added it to netflix. I just watched it again last night and my daughter just loved it.

If you have some alone time and want a series or movie to get wrapped up in then these are for you.
Have a great weekend.



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